My first kiss…….

Today I’m linking up with Kerri Sackville’s #MY FIRST….KISS

Oh wasted youth!

Although I lived in the Sutherland Shire (southern Sydney), my first kiss was sanitised compared to the cool surfie chicks from Puberty Blues. I was a late bloomer.


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A girlfriend and neighbour from Jannali Girls’ High set me up with a mate of her boyfriend’s. I think I’d met the designated friend, a park ranger, once before. I remember being flattered that someone with a real job and enough testosterone to have a decent beard could be interested in me. In my very limited contact with facial hair, he looked more like a bush ranger than a park ranger.

There we were, the bush ranger and I in the back seat of her boyfriend’s striped Monaro, going at a speed that made me hang onto the ‘Jesus handles’ for dear life.

jesus handle

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We were on our way to my first concert, Fleetwood Mac, at the Hordern Pavilion. If only I’d stayed sober enough to enjoy/remember it. My friends were all older than me, and definitely knew how to hold their alcohol.

I didn’t. The further we got into the concert, the less compus mentis I became, only just managing to navigate my way to the ladies and back at intermission.

Afterwards we walked through Centennial Park back to the Monaro my daughters would now give their eye teeth for. Stopping at a huge Canary Island date palm, the bush ranger manoeuvred in and kissed me. In my intoxicated state there was only one word to describe the overall experience of my first kiss. It seems as if I’m plagiarising Kerri here, but the exact same word screamed in my head too, and has ever since –


It wasn’t the bush ranger’s fault. In another place and another time, I imagine the slow, slug-kissing approach could be quite titillating; but not with a spinning head.


I can remember the Monaro, but not the park ranger’s name.
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I’ve never heard anyone else use the word ‘slug’ with first kisses, and I’m not about to start using it in my novels, (but I am tempted) 🙂

“He thrust her against his sluggos, his feelers all over her, his tongue moving in sluggish, rhythmic waves.”

I don’t think so!

Any other first kisses?

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11 Responses to My first kiss…….

  1. Lee-Anne says:

    Your bearded bush-ranger certainly sounds scary for a first kiss…though concerts, Monaros and a stroll through Centennial Park sound rather exciting and sophisticated. But you are right, ‘Oh wasted youth’!

  2. Way too scary, and I was a lot older than when you had your first kiss!

  3. Susan Forbes says:

    LOL! Love it. I have had a couple of slugs kiss me over the last 53 years. Lucky I always carry a good supply of ‘salt’ with me 😉 Thank God Adam is nothing like a slug but I bet he looks amazing in ‘sluggos’!!!!!

    • Slugs go all frothy and slimy with salt, you are a dangerous woman!
      I might put Adam in a pair of sluggos, now you suggest it. He could kiss me like a slug any day, OK, now you’re making me silly……

  4. Yes I thought Kerri’s use of slug was very apt for a terrible kiss. I love that you remember the car but not his name, thought totally understand as well, they are very cool cars

  5. socialbridge says:

    Delighted to have found you and what a post to hit on ‘first!’

  6. Susan, not sure what has gone on here, but somehow you are no longer on my “followed” list. Gremlins 😖

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