Arafura series


Kat is engaged, THEN meets her drop-dead gorgeous soul-mate. But is he a murderer? Worse still, he has issues…


Sensible schoolteacher Kat is planning to marry whenever her long-term fiancé finds the time. When the unpredictable Adam arrives in Darwin, Kat is jolted well out of her comfort zone, and it doesn’t help that her wayward hips are determined to unite with Adam’s.

Despite loyal intentions and a corpse suspiciously connected to Adam and his traumatic military past, he and Kat must first wrestle with their emotionally fraught, instant attraction.

Arafura will appeal to female and male readers who enjoy mystery and romantic suspense with dark edges—and a few laughs.

The first novel in the ARAFURA romantic suspense series by Susan Lattwein.

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Love is patient, love is blind, love is…explosive.


Still recovering from losing the love of her life, Kat is kidnapped by amateur terrorists and caught up in their crazy plan to bomb a visiting US warship in Darwin. 

Time is running out. Why can’t Kat’s rescuer convince authorities to take his intel about the terrorists seriously? Must he form a counter-plan with Kat’s help?

Not only that, can her rescuer convince Kat’s ex-fiancé to take him seriously—and move on? Only first, can her rescuer win back her trust?

The romance and adventure continue in this, the second novel in the ARAFURA series by Susan Lattwein.

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12 Responses to Arafura series

  1. What fantastic testaments, I love the Title and the story line sounds brilliant. I too can’t wait to read and come have my say here. Congratulations on living your dream Susan, you just grew up big time 🙂

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  3. Lee-Anne says:

    Love the new cover, Susan – so vibrant! Looking forward to the sequel immensely. xx

  4. Lee-Anne says:

    Oops…”immensely” – ADVERB!! I’m a lost cause. LOL 😉

  5. Seriously, I think the odd, clever adverb is fine, and use of Thesaurus! 🙂
    Createspace sent a papercopy proof of the first Arafura – Blood, The Wet and Tears via DHL today. Should have gone through Createspace months ago, but you live and learn….still think you should think about it. I’ll help you. 🙂
    When I gave an author talk in Darwin library last February, a lovely retired Principal volunteered to edit the sequel for Darwin/setting sensibilities. So when she’s had a look I’ll upload the sequel to Amazon, Smashwords.
    But overall, it is fun just to play with words, isn’t it?

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    • Happy 2015 Sue! I’m holidaying at the coast south of Sydney and my phone won’t let me open your post properly. But many thanks for putting Arafura on your 2014 reading list and I’ll catch up with you soon!! 🙂

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