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Perhaps you’re here because you’ve read one of my books, or perhaps you’re looking for a new book or author? I’ve written a contemporary, romantic suspense series set in Darwin, Australia.


The ARAFURA series is about a schoolteacher who must grapple with the impact of PTSD on the man she won’t allow herself to love. He’s a military man with a past, and that past comes back to haunt both of them. But it’s not all dark, there’s plenty of action (romantic and otherwise) and laughter along the way.

Third book due in 2017!

Click on the covers to buy or read a sample, the link below, or click on the Arafura series link above for more info. 

five-starsReviews from readers

Couldn’t put it down. Didn’t put it down!!’             Susan C. Forbes

‘I enjoyed the humour, the location and the characters … hell what isn’t there to like about this book! Two thumbs up!’          Ben Brown

‘This novel has it all – love, lust and drama!’   P. F. Black

‘Glued to the pages!’      Michelle Rene Goodhew


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