New flash fiction prompt…

Here’s a new flash fiction prompt to experiment with — for fun — to allow contributors to try different writing styles and genres. In 500 words or less it’s a quick, simple and collaborative way to practice writing.


A lone street light, a person (you?), and strange noises coming from the boot (trunk) of a car.

Reminders about flash fiction:


What is FLASH FICTION? In short—a very short story. Let’s not get too complicated here. It can be serious, funny, mysterious, scary, sad, romantic, adventure, sci-fi, historical etc, etc, your call. (Please no erotica.)

  • Due to its brevity, you may wish to start your FF story in the middle (eg, the woman ran into her lover’s arms, still in his prison uniform …)  FF often ends in a twist, or a punch line. Hit them where it hurts.
  • Flash fiction is a complete story (has a beginning, middle and end). It’s often rich in interpretation, its language compressed.
  • Ask yourself, is every word necessary to your story? Distilling experience into a few paragraphs forces writers to pay close attention to what they’re doing. It’s great editing practice to remove everything that isn’t essential to the setting, the action, the feelings of the characters, or moving the story forwards.
  • The fewer characters the better.
  • Inferred meanings give the reader a puzzle to solve, rather than stating the obvious. A little mystery goes a long way—make the mystery worthwhile, lure the reader to the end.
  • FF can be prose, poetry, a song.
  • Commenting and giving feedback on stories is definitely encouraged (like a friendly writing group would). As always, be helpful, be nice. And a bit of hilarity is good for the soul, too.

It’s easy, just submit your work in the comments section of my next post , NOT THIS ONE or it will be hard for readers to find. (I’ll publish Saturday morning, 28 February, Sydney, Australia time.)

500 words or less, with your name and the link to your blog if you have one. (That way readers can go and check out what else you get up to if they wish.)

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Put on those writing wings! You’ll never, never know where that story might go.


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(All rights to works published here will be retained by the original authors.)

P.S. I’m sure your entries will be less scary than my attempt to teach FF to an over-imaginative Year 5. They got uber-keen and put together a book for me with titles like The Cannibals, The Three Little Pigs Attack, The Parasite Is Coming, Death In a Car Boot (timely, at least), The Curse of the Crazy Killing Blood-Dripping Vertebrate, The Night In Hell and others I’m still too scared to share. (They got you’re right so I am happy)


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5 Responses to New flash fiction prompt…

  1. Marigold says:

    I’m going to try this tomorrow! I love what your schoolkids came up with. “The Curse of the Crazy Killing Blood-Dripping Vertebrate” is my favourite title! I’m going to try to work that in somehow…

  2. You’re scary, but I look forward to reading it! Did you see your vampire interview was reblogged?

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  4. Deborah says:

    I like the idea of these kind of exercises but am way too scared to try them….. 😦

  5. I am scared of looking like an idiot too, Deb. It may be my last! 🙂

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