Mothers From Around The World

Holistic Wayfarer invited me to contribute to her Mothers Day post. I encourage you to check out her blog and the blogs of the other writers.

A Holistic Journey

Words go unsaid too many times but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice when you step to the shadows so I can have my day in the sun. You’ve saved portions of food so that I’d have enough to eat when I get home from work. You laboured over the stove when you were so ill it made my whines about my colds seem like tantrums. It is such a struggle in our third world culture to be a woman, wife and of all things, a mother. It is a job that gets the most rocks thrown at, the rocks I have thrown at you to feed my teenage angst. All the hurtful things I have said, you have never held them against me. I am where I am because you believed that being a woman is not a disability, that being Indian is not something to be ashamed of…

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2 Responses to Mothers From Around The World

  1. Lee-Anne says:

    This was a great idea – to compile a diverse range of experiences of mothers. It is my firm opinion that one Mother’s Day per year is insufficient, we need at least two or possibly three! (not for the treats and presents, of course…but for the recognition and respect such unconditional care and devotion affords.

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