Ode to happy gas

happy gas

Let me count the ways I love you

Your familiar whisper near my ear

The soothing hiss of what’s to come

Your sweet, alluring scent entices.

I swoon to your charms

Champagne of gases

As bright, white light draws down from above

The dental drill may whine and push against me

Yet I fear it not, nor gird my loins.

Enforcer of joy, how can you be denied?

I breathe you in and all is good, life is good

I love everyone, especially my dear dentist. Always have…


Photo credit: http://bit.ly/KrZ2bF

Yet Nitrous Knight, we’ve had our ups and downs

You were dificult to get to know, at first

We’d spin and float and soar and whoosh, on high

Uncalibrated, as with med students who kidnap and experiment with you

God knows how I kept my mouth open, my dignity intact –

Too high a dose, they said.

You also let me down in childbirth

I slammed your mask against my face

To no avail

But a bruised nose

And a daughter in distress

Too low a dose, they said.

Your jokes aren’t always funny.

Still, it’s no party without you.

Ups and downs are part of life.

Years later now, you make that baby laugh

My happy friend.

She spins your praises too

Same dentist, same chair, same you.

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12 Responses to Ode to happy gas

  1. Lee-Anne says:

    I could use some happy gas right now…can one self-administer without the dentist or doctor?! 😀

  2. What an uncommon choice of subject!

  3. Kim Saeed says:

    “I love everyone, especially my dear dentist. Always have…”

    Oh the improprieties of being under the influence 😀 I’ve never “enjoyed” laughing gas, but I’ve heard many funny stories!

  4. suzjones says:

    Lucky your dentist isn’t young and looks like mine! lol
    btw – Happy gas and I have a love-hate relationship. It loves me – my body hates it. And yet with each childbirth I still succumbed…

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